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  Davis R., How to define the base units of the revised SI from seven constants with fixed numerical values, Rapport BIPM-2018/02, 11 pp  
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  Henson A., El Acuerdo de Reconocimiento Mutuo del Comité Internacional de Pesas y Medidas (ARM-CIPM): pasado, presente y futuro, e-medida, 2015, 8, 51-62  
  Henson A., The CIPM MRA: Past, present and future, Rapport BIPM-2015/01, 15 pp  
  Los Arcos J.-M., Stock M., Wielgosz R., Arias F., Milton M., News from the BIPM laboratories: 2014, Metrologia, 2015, 52(1), 155-162  
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  Davis R.S., Milton M.J.T., The assumption of the conservation of mass and its implications for present and future definitions of the kilogram and the mole, Metrologia, 2014, 51(3), 169-173  
  de Mirandés E., Reply to 'Some problems concerning the use of the CODATA adjusted values of fundamental constants in the definition of measurement units', Metrologia, 2014, 51(1), L5-L7  
  Fletcher N., Rietveld G., Olthoff J., Budovsky I., Milton M., Electrical units in the new SI: Saying goodbye to the 1990 values, NCSLI Measure, 2014, 9(2), 30-35  
  Milton M.J.T., Davis R., Fletcher N., Towards a new SI: a review of progress made since 2011, Metrologia, 2014, 51(3), R21-R30  
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  Usuda T., Bruns T., Wright J., Filtz J.-R., Esward T., Arrhén F., Fletcher N., Report on the BIPM Workshop on Challenges in Metrology for Dynamic Measurement, Rapport BIPM-2013/01, 17 pp  
  Bich W., Cox M.G., Dybkaer R., Elster C., Estler W.T., Hibbert B., Imai H., Kool W., Michotte C., Nielsen L., Pendrill L., Sidney S., van der Veen A.M.H., Wöger W., Revision of the 'Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement', Metrologia, 2012, 49(6), 702-705  
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  Wallard A., News from the BIPM – 2009, Metrologia, 2010, 47(1), 103-111  
  Wallard A.J., News from the BIPM – 2008, Metrologia, 2009, 46(1), 137-143  
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