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President of the Institute Council of METAS visits the BIPM
Professor Martina Hirayama, President of the Institute Council of METAS (Switzerland), and Dr Christian Bock, Director of METAS, visited the BIPM on 15 May 2014. They were welcomed by the Director before receiving a presentation on the mission, role, objectives and history of the BIPM. The visit included a tour of the BIPM's laboratories, where they were joined by Ms Céline Pascale who is on secondment from METAS, working in the BIPM Chemistry Department until 31 July 2014.

Ms Pascale is contributing to a BIPM project aimed at developing accurate methods for the production and measurement of nitric acid concentrations, which were found to be a major cause of bias in the recent comparison of nitrogen dioxide standards (CCQM-K74). A further comparison is foreseen in the CCQM strategic plan, as NO2 is a major air pollutant and precursor to the formation of greenhouse gases. THe aim of the comparison will be to demonstrate improved international comparability in NO2 standards by a factor of ten compared to that demonstrated in 2010.

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