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Trustworty data underpin reproducible research
An article entitled "Trustworthy data underpin reproducible research" has recently been published in Nature Physics.

Coauthored by Martin Milton, Director of the BIPM, and Antonio Possolo, Chief Statistician, NIST, the paper presents three case studies from the world of precision measurement, and argues that the work of metrology provides a different way to think about discrepant data without calling it a "reproducibility crisis".

The paper has already been featured in an editorial published on 21 Feburary 2020 under the heading "When it's fine to fail – The history of metrology holds valuable lessons for initiatives to reproduce results." In this the Editor of Nature writes:

    When results in the science of measurement cannot be reproduced, argue Martin Milton and Antonio Possolo, it's a sign of the scientific method at work – and an opportunity to promote public awareness of the research process.

As part of the Springer Nature Content Sharing Initiative, you can access a view-only version of the article using the following SharedIt link:

The editorial is available at:

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