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The international dosimetry chain: standards and quality assurance in medical radiation dosimetry

The IAEA organizes a major international symposium on standards, applications and quality assurance in medical radiation dosimetry (IDOS) about once every 10 years. The aim of the symposium is to disseminate advances in radiation dosimetry for medicine and radiation protection, summarizing the trends in the field and identifying areas for improvement.

The 2019 conference was held in Vienna (Austria) on 18-21 June, and was attended by more than 500 clinicians, medical physicists and metrologists from 105 countries. In addition to covering developments in dosimetry for external beam radiotherapy, radiography and radiation protection, the challenge of accurate dosimetry for molecular radiotherapy was discussed.

The BIPM was actively involved in the symposium, contributing to the organizing committee and presenting an overview of traceability in radiation dosimetry.

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