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Election of the CIPM bureau

During the first session of its 108th meeting (20-21 March 2019) the CIPM elected the following to form the bureau of the Committee:

  • President - Dr W. Louw (South Africa)
  • Secretary - Dr T. Usuda (Japan)
  • Vice-Presidents - Prof. J. Ullrich (Germany) and Dr J. Olthoff (United States of America)

The 108th meeting was the first to be held following the 26th meeting of the CGPM (November 2018), at which all 18 CIPM members were elected. Six of those elected participated in the CIPM for the first time:

  • Dr D. del Campo Maldonado (Spain)
  • Dr N. Dimarcq (France)
  • Prof. P. Neyezhmakov (Ukraine)
  • Dr J. Olthoff (United States of America)
  • Dr S.-R. Park (Republic of Korea)
  • Dr A. Steele (Canada).
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