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CRDS (Japan) delegation visits the BIPM on a fact-finding mission.

A delegation from the Center for Research and Development Strategy (CRDS, Japan) visited the BIPM on 19 February 2019 on a fact-finding mission. The CRDS is an internal think-tank of the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST). The purpose of the visit was to better understand the activities of the BIPM and its role in the French science and technology landscape for inclusion in a forthcoming book. The delegation was composed of:

  • Mr HAYASHI Yukihide, Principal Fellow, CRDS/JST
  • Mr SHIRAO Takayuki, Visiting Fellow, CRDS/JST
  • Ms YAGIOKA Shiori , Fellow, CRDS/JST
  • Ms SUGAWARA Masae, Director of the JST Paris Office
  • Mr TOMA Shigemitsu, Scientific attaché of the Japanese Embassy in France

The CRDS team plans to publish a book in Japanese regarding French Science and Technology in the past and today. The book will not focus on the contemporary state of science, instead it will look back over the past two decades. Publication of this book is planned for April or May 2019. The CRDS has previously published similar books on China and Germany.

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