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2018 BIPM-AFRIMETS "Sound beginning int he CIPM MRA" Workshop

The workshop "Sound beginning in the CIPM MRA" was held during the 12th Intra-Africa Metrology System (AFRIMETS) General Assembly (GA) on 18 July 2018 in Enugu, Nigeria.

This one-day workshop was arranged as a follow-up event to the global "Sound beginning in the CIPM MRA" course, which was held at the BIPM in November 2017, and was open to all members of AFRIMETS. Fifty-three participants from fourteen African countries attended the workshop and actively participated in the discussions.

The workshop was supported by the BIPM and was developed in cooperation with the leading AFRIMETS NMIs, including KEBS, NIS, NMISA and NSI.

Content of the Workshop

The workshop, which was organized as part as thethe BIPM Capacity Building and Knowledge Transfer (CBKT) programme in conjunction with AFRIMETS, was specifically aimed at highlighting the importance of the CIPM MRA and providing a deeper understanding of the implementation process.

The content of the workshop was presented in the form of lectures and case studies given by experienced NMIs that have already successfully submitted their CMCs. The afternoon programme was scheduled as a "question and answer" session, allowing knowledge transfer and experience sharing between participants and experts.

The workshop was specifically tailored to the needs of AFRIMETS, with a focus on the implementation of the CIPM MRA in developing countries. The following topics were discussed during the programme:

  • The importance of a Quality Infrastructure (QI) and its key players
  • The role of metrology in the QI
  • Introduction to the Metre Convention, BIPM, AFRIMETS and the CIPM MRA requirements
  • CIPM MRA and its role in the QI
  • CIPM requirements and documentation on Quality Systems (QS), comparisons and CMCs
  • Introduction of the KCDB (KCs, SCs, CMCs and statistics)
  • AFRIMETS approach on QS in support of CMCs

AFRIMETS knowledge transfer activities

AFRIMETS nominated Mrs Katlego Tlholoe as the contact person for capacity building in the RMO. She will be supported by Mrs Christelle Lourens from the AFRIMETS Secretariat. An AFRIMETS capacity plan was shared with the BIPM CBKT team and a meeting is planned between AFRIMETS and the BIPM at the end of March 2019, where the capacity building plan will be discussed and future opportunities for collaboration will be identified.


"It was a pleasure to present the "CIPM requirements and documentation on CMCs" to AFRIMETS delegates, firstly to fulfil the requirements of an AFRIMETS resolution concerning its delegated attendees to the CBKT programme and secondly to enable knowledge transfer as a beneficial outcome of the CBKT programme. The training also reinforced the knowledge acquired through the CBKT programme by means of presentations from the knowledgeable Mr Andy Henson and Dr Wynand Louw."

Mr Leevi Sakeus, Quality Assurance Officer, Namibian Standards Institution (NSI)

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