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Dr Susanne Picard attended the 44th Metrology Workshop in Indonesia as a guest speaker.

Dr Susanne Picard, KCDB Coordinator and Executive Secretary of the CCT, travelled to Jakarta (Indonesia) to participate in the country's celebration of World Metrology Day at the 44th Metrology Workshop (PPI KIM) as a guest speaker. The workshop was organized by the Research Center for Metrology-LIPI (RCM-LIPI) and was held on 7-8 May 2018 at the Hotel Grand Sahid Jakarta. The theme was "Strengthening Infrastructure Metrology to Ensure Quality of Health Services".

The 44th PPI KIM meeting was attended by 400 participants, with 200 attending the workshop activities on calibration laboratory management and testing, based on SNI ISO/IEC 17025: 2017. The other guest speaker at the event was Dr Jong-Seon Park who is the chair of the Technical Committee for Quality System - Asia Pacific Metrology Program (TCQS-APMP) from KRISS (Republic of Korea).

Dr Picard also visited the RCM-LIPI laboratories and gave a lecture.

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