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JCTLM Workshop: Accurate results for patient care

The biennial meeting of the Joint Committee for Traceability in Laboratory Medicine (JCTLM) under the title of 'Accurate results for patient care' took place at the BIPM on 4-5 December 2017. The first day of the programme focused on 'Traceability in Action' with a review of global structures and an emphasis on the impact on patients, the diagnostics industry and external quality assessment (EQA) provision. The second day covered 'Traceability into the Future' with a focus on biomarkers for neurodegenerative diseases. It included wide-ranging reports of new initiatives from around the world.

The two-day programme included presentations and informed discussions on:

  • Why traceability matters to patients
  • Traceability in external quality assessment
  • Traceability and the IVD industry: the manufacturers' role
  • Traceability in the investigation of infectious diseases
  • Traceability: a global perspective
  • JCTLM update
The final element of the programme focused on the clinical challenge of neurodegenerative diseases, with contributions on the requirements for, and development of, high quality biomarker assays for the investigation of Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease and other debilitating conditions.

These presentations will be made openly available on the BIPM website at www.bipm.org/en/committees/jc/jctlm/workshop-2017.html

There is growing recognition of the importance of metrological traceability as a driver for accurate results for patient care through facilitating reduced between-method variability in laboratory medicine. Medical researchers; national metrology institutes; manufacturers of in vitro diagnostic systems; and laboratory medicine specialists are equal partners in delivering improved clinical laboratory methods and all were well represented at the workshop.

Further information about the JCTLM and access to the presentations may be found at www.jctlm.org

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