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Launch of the International Metrology Resource Registry (IMRR)

The IMRR is ready for your contributions!

The International Metrology Resource Registry (IMRR), developed by NIST and hosted by the BIPM, is a web-based service that allows National Metrology Institutes and Designated Institutes to publish information about their data holdings, data services, standards documents, metrology-related software, websites, and about their organizations themselves. The goal of the IMRR is two-fold: expose the services and capabilities of the NMIs to a broad community of researchers, industrial partners, and government agencies, and allow the NMIs to better coordinate their research and development efforts through increased visibility of each other's activities. Please note that although the IMRR is openly available to read – with no account required – only representatives of NMIs and designated institutes are permitted to get accounts and register information.

The IMRR collects metadata about your metrology-related resources. Registering information is a simple process guided by web-based forms. We suggest that NMIs start by registering information about their organization, followed by adding information about particular resources such as reference data, software, tools, documents, etc. that they wish to be more widely known. We ask that this information be entered in English, though the underlying information can be presented in the language of the NMI.

In order to get started go to http://imrr.bipm.org/ and sign up for a user account by selecting the "Login" tab and clicking on the "Request an Account" button. Once you have login credentials you will be able to register resources through the web interface. Browsing and searching through existing registry entries does not require a login and is open to all.

If your organization is interested in registering a large number of resources, say, more than 10 or 20, it could be worthwhile to install your own version of the registry software and host your information locally. The registry infrastructure supports the ability to copy metadata records between registry services. That is, you can maintain your registry contents independently, but then have your records copied and regularly updated into the central registry at BIPM.

If you are interested in hosting your own copy of the registry, or if you have any questions about using the IMRR, please contact the NIST IMRR team through the "Contact" tab on the IMRR website. Note that it may take a day or two for us to respond to questions and account requests. We look forward to seeing the IMRR populated with lots of good information from the worldwide network of NMIs.

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