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Dr Hugo Gasca-Aragon from CENAM visits the BIPM

On 4-7 December 2017, the BIPM welcomed Dr Hugo Gasca-Aragon, a specialist in statistics and the uncertainty evaluation of all standards at CENAM, the Mexican NMI.

During his visit Dr Gasca-Aragon attended the JCTLM workshop 'Accurate results for patient care', followed by a two-day visit to the BIPM's chemical and physical metrology laboratories.

Dr Gasca-Aragon visited the gas group, the organic purity assay group, the Kibble balance and mass laboratories. This provided an opportunity for an exchange of ideas on uncertainty evaluation in these different fields.

Following his visit, Dr Gasca-Aragon said "It was a pleasure to spend some time at the BIPM. Firstly, I fully enjoyed attending the JCTLM meeting, and as a follow up, it was a pleasure to have the opportunity to visit the gas metrology laboratory as well as the Mass Department and the Kibble balance project. Meeting with the BIPM's staff and receiving first hand briefings on these topics was extremely informative."

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