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BIPM appoints new Directors for the Ionizing Radiation and Time Departments

Dr Steven Judge, NPL (UK) has been appointed as the Director of the BIPM Ionizing Radiation Department from 15 August 2017.

Before joining the BIPM, Dr Judge was Head of the Nuclear Metrology Group at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), the group responsible for developing and disseminating the UK's primary standards for radioactivity and neutron metrology.

Dr Judge has a broad experience of ionizing radiation metrology. In the past, he worked for a radiopharmaceutical manufacturer where his work contributed to new product development. He has also worked to help decommission a nuclear site, setting up a new radioactivity measurement laboratory to ensure that radioactive waste was characterized accurately and disposed of safely. More recently, he has coordinated pan-European projects such as MRTDosimetry, developing new approaches to dosimetry for molecular radiotherapy.

His research interests include radionuclide metrology and nuclear data (including post-doctoral experience at the Laue-Langevin Institute in Grenoble), and he has helped write new international standards in the field. He has also been involved in teaching, leading the development of a new M.Sc. module at the University of Surrey, the first of its kind in the UK with a focus on the national and international measurement system.

Dr Patrizia Tavella, INRIM (Italy) has been appointed as the Director of the BIPM Time Department from 1 November 2017.

Dr Tavella is currently a Research Director at the Istituto Nazionale di Ricerca Metrologica (INRIM), responsible for the UTC(IT) Laboratory and the Galileo Timing Research Infrastructure. She is deeply involved in the design and testing of the European GNSS Galileo timing system through more than 30 European projects. Dr Tavella is the previous Chair of the CCTF Working Groups on International Atomic Time (WGTAI) and Algorithms (WG-ALGO).

In addition, Dr Tavella is a Distinguished Lecturer for the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics and Frequency Control Society (UFFC), a member of the IEEE UFFC Administrative Committee, Vice-Chair of the International Union of Radio Science Commission A (URSI Comm A), and Vice-Chair of the European Frequency and Time Forum (EFTF) Executive Committee.

Dr Tavella has considerable experience of time scales and clock modelling, having conceived, designed, and developed, in collaboration with different colleagues, several methods and techniques for the time scale definition and measurement data treatment. These include possible uses and drawbacks of the Kalman filter in the ensemble time scale; contribution to the ensemble algorithm for a pulsar time scale; and the application of stochastic processes to model the atomic clock deviation and survival time within error thresholds, applied also to the determination of calibration interval.

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