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Support for regional key comparison of Zener voltage standards

The Physical Metrology Department has set up a project to provide support for the organization of one of GULFMET's first key comparisons - GULFMET.EM.BIPM-K11 - a comparison of Zener voltage standards. The project was established in response to a discussion at the 35th meeting of the JCRB (March 2016) on cross‑membership of Regional Metrology Organizations (RMOs) in the context of providing assistance to GULFMET, the newest RMO. JCRB members affirmed at their meeting that various RMO activities are open to GULFMET within the resources available to accommodate them, including RMO comparisons, training initiatives, and attendance at RMO plenaries.

The comparison is being coordinated by the Standards and Calibration Laboratory (SCL), Hong Kong (China). The BIPM is a member of the comparison support group and will participate in the measurements to link the results of the GULFMET comparison to those of the comparisons BIPM.EM‑K11.a and BIPM.EM‑K11.b.

The comparison coordinator, Dr Steven Yang from SCL, was seconded to the BIPM voltage laboratory from 9 January to 13 March 2017 to work and share experience on the calibration of Zener voltage standards using Josephson voltage standards.

The protocol has now been approved and the measurements will be carried out from June 2017 to March 2018.

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