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Start of "Safe Food and Feed" Knowledge Transfer secondments at the BIPM

The BIPM Chemistry Department is currently hosting the first two secondees to participate in a series of three-month-long Knowledge Transfer secondments for scientists from NMIs wishing to develop mycotoxin metrology capabilities. These first two secondees to the programme - Mariano Simon from INTI (Argentina) and Eliane Pires do Rego from INMETRO (Brazil) arrived on 1 February 2017. They will work with Xiuqin Li from NIM (China) and BIPM staff members as part of the Mycotoxin Metrology Capacity Building and Knowledge Transfer (CBKT) project

Financial support for the CBKT visiting scientist secondments from INTI and INMETRO has been provided by the PTB (Germany).

The knowledge transfer secondments have been designed to provide hands-on training for the visiting scientists on:

  1. UV spectrophotometric and LC-(UV)-MS/MS methods for analysis of mycotoxin calibration solutions
  2. Gravimetric preparation of standard solutions and their dilution to calibration solutions with calculation of the assigned values and associated uncertainties
  3. Preparation and ampouling of a mycotoxin calibration solution
  4. Planning and implementing a homogeneity study of the ampouled batch of mycotoxin calibration solutions and analysing the results
  5. Planning and implementing a stability study of the ampouled batch of mycotoxin calibration solutions and analysing the results
  6. Value-assigning an unknown calibration solution and calculating the uncertainty in the assigned value.

NMIs wishing to participate in the Mycotoxin Metrology CBKT secondment programme in 2018 should contact the BIPM.

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