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Three young metrologists complete METAS sponsored training

Three young scientists from Argentina, South Africa and Albania have successfully completed a training course through a short placement at METAS, which was organized under the banner of the BIPM Capacity Building and Knowledge Transfer (CBKT) programme.

The BIPM and the Italian Physical Society ran a joint Metrology School "Metrology: from physics fundamentals to quality of life" in Varenna, Italy, from 27 June-6 July 2016. In association with the Metrology School, METAS (Switzerland), sponsored a capacity building programme, which was aimed at creating opportunities for a limited number of participants from BIPM Member States and Associates. The three award winners - Alejandro Savarin (Argentina), Dennis Mkhize (South Africa) and Yljon Seferi (Albania) - were able to combine their attendance at the Metrology School with a short placement at METAS. During their internship of several weeks they received dedicated training and pursued a specific metrology topic.

Alejandro Savarin - from the National Metrology Institute of Argentina (INTI) - studied the influence quantities when using multiple force transducers working in parallel.

"The aim of the training project was to study the influence quantities when using multiple force transducers working in parallel, the so-called build up system. Related to this topic I have calibrated force and torque transducers by using primary standards. Together with Christian Wüthrich, head of the laboratory Mass, Force and Pressure, we debated the topics involved in this kind of measurement: why it is done in this way, how to improve measurements, and what sources of uncertainty have to be taken into account."

Dennis Mkhize - from the National Metrology Institute of South Africa (NMISA) - carried out physical and chemical analyses of a wide variety of alcohols from different matrices.

"I received a placement opportunity for training at METAS, Switzerland, where I took part in a collaborative project with the NMISA for the analysis of alcohols in alcoholic beverages under the supervision of André Marti and Sharona Perrin. The work pertaining to this project was carried out at the Alcohol Analysis Laboratory (AAL) at METAS, which conducts physical and chemical analyses of a wide variety of alcohols from different matrices.
I gained numerous skills upon completion of my training, such as linking metrological traceability to the quantitative analysis of alcohols in beverages, estimating the uncertainty of measurement in this application and establishing the best sample preparation approaches for this measurement.

Yljon Seferi - from the General Directorate of Metrology in Albania - performed calibration and type testing of the power quality functions of smart meters.

"The mobility grant I received would help metrology infrastructure in our country to acquire the competences needed to further develop it, as well as to successfully participate in the future in research projects in the framework of the European Metrology Programme for Innovation and Research EMPIR.
During this period with the support of METAS I had the opportunity to participate in the Metrology Summer School "From physics fundamentals to quality of life", which took place in Varenna. The excellent metrology course, gave me a full overview about the Metre Convention, the BIPM, the development of measurement standards from early beginning, as well as the huge work which is currently being done for the redefinition of the units based on fundamental constants.

For more information see MET info 2/16.

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