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2016 "Leaders of Tomorrow" course

Eighteen participants, designated by their RMOs as future leaders in the global metrology system, recently completed a two-week "Leaders of Tomorrow" training course as part of the BIPM Capacity Building and Knowledge Transfer (CB&KT) programme. The course was fully sponsored by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), USA.

This new course was held for the first time from 7-18 November 2016 at the BIPM, and brought together highly respected professional experts in measurements and quality systems from leading NMIs, representatives of international organizations (OIML, ISO, ILAC), and staff of the BIPM, to teach the participants their personal perspectives on conducting measurement comparisons, reviewing calibration and measurement capabilities and supporting the national quality infrastructure. As stated by Rapheal Galea, a participant from NRC (Canada), "I believe this training and the collective experiences shared by the other course participants has established the confidence I will need going forward in playing my role in my RMO and the global metrological community."

The "Leaders of Tomorrow" course was aimed at new and potential RMO Technical Committee Chairs and RMO Working Group Convenors. The training provided participants with an understanding of the Global Quality Infrastructure and international best practice in metrology. By combining theoretical and practical perspectives, participants gained a truly comprehensive overview of the internationally accepted Consultative Committees' guidelines on metrology. Participants gained practical experience through group working sessions on CMC review and lectures that illustrated common challenges and the mistakes made in practice. A very popular part of the course was the multi-day module on laboratory priority setting and project management.

Lecturers gave comprehensive talks that explained procedures and processes, but more importantly, gave their personal perspective on the context and drivers related to their specific areas. Topics included: the CIPM MRA mechanisms and outcomes; specific guideline documents from the Consultative Committees on comparisons and CMCs; Consultative Committee strategies and structure; specific requirements of different RMOs on quality assurance; use of the KCDB; the CMC review process; and the role of international organizations - BIPM, ISO, OIML, ILAC - in the Global Quality Infrastructure.

At the group working sessions, participants evaluated real CMCs in order to demonstrate understanding of the concepts. Groups also examined the global quality infrastructure within their countries. In the "Hitting the target" session, groups were engaged in priority setting and used the structured "log-frame" tools to plan the projects that could be implemented in their countries. This session introduced a method that can be applied to help define national needs and set priorities in metrology.

Some feedback from the participants:

"The last two weeks have undoubtedly produced a significant enhance in my knowledge in metrology. Due to its multidisciplinary characteristic, sometimes we find ourselves unrelated to the other metrology disciplines, focused on our area of activity, in my case Metrology in Chemistry. Participating in the Leaders of Tomorrow course was a highly positive experience that went beyond the technical aspects, as I could interact with colleagues from different areas, from different countries and cultures. A very pleasant and fruitful experience."

Valnei Smarcaro da Cunha, INMETRO (Brazil)

"I will apply the knowledge and skills for the improvement of the efficiency and effectiveness of the TC work. I will share the knowledge among COOMET (the presentation about the course on the Meeting of the COOMET Joint Committee of Measurement Standards). I will plan to discuss with COOMET TC 4 "Information and trainings" the possibilities of the organization the seminars (for example, about CMCs and comparisons) for the COOMET technical committees."

Iryna Kolozinska, NSC "Institute of metrology" (Ukraine)

"The CIDT course was full of fun at the same time it was educational. I found that the way the course was presented to be interesting and I commend Phil for making it so. To conclude, I would like to say thank the organisers, the BIPM, and the funding institute, NIST, for giving me the chance to participate and learn from the experiences of others. The course provides me with a better understanding of how the work is done and hopes to implement it at my institute and RMO."

Efrem K Ejigu, NMISA, South Africa.

We thank all participants for their active participation in the course and wish them all the best in their engagement in the operation of the CIPM MRA processes.

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