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Responses to the survey concerning promotion of the new SI

The redefinition of the International System of Units (SI) in 2018 will be an important event for the world-wide metrology community. It will provide a special opportunity to increase awareness of the SI, promote metrology in general and educate the general public about the importance of accurate measurements in daily life. It will require the entire metrology community to communicate the technical consequences of the proposed changes to the way that traceability will be disseminated to users.

In order to help with the coordination of communications about the new SI, a CIPM Task Group for the Promotion of the New SI has been set up and is being advised by a small group of communications professionals from NMIs. On behalf of the PR Expert Group, the BIPM sent a survey to all NMIs earlier in 2016. The survey was carried out to identify information about promotional materials or activities that the NMIs themselves are planning with respect to the redefinition of the SI units.

Through their responses to the survey, the NMIs have indicated that they are keen to contribute and share information on the SI redefinition. They noted that the primary audiences are the scientific/technical community and students. The Task Group will use the findings of the survey in the development of future materials and will ensure that the NMIs and the broader metrology community will be able to use the information it provides to promote the benefits of the redefinitions as widely as possible.

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