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Forthcoming BIPM events

World Metrology Day - 20 May

The 2016 theme is "Measurements in a dynamic world" - this topic was chosen to align with the increasingly rapid pace of change in measurement science, and indeed of the world around us. Last year's World Metrology Day was a huge success; we hope to build on that success in 2016. On the website, you may download the Press Release, Directors' Messages and poster. The poster may be downloaded and translated into other languages. Subject to the conditions listed on the website, organizations may add their own logo to the top right-hand corner of the poster.

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BIPM-VAMAS Workshop: Emerging measurement challenges in Materials Metrology - 20-21 June

The workshop, to be held at the BIPM, will consider four themes in materials research, and will consider the new challenges for measurement science that are emerging in each of them. The outcomes of the workshop will include a report that summarizes the scope of the new challenges for measurement science in each of the four themes.
It will also identify any requirements for additional coordination between BIPM and VAMAS to ensure that the necessary underpinning measurement traceability and infrastructure is available.

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Metrology Summer School - 27 June-6 July

The BIPM and the Italian Physical Society are running a joint Metrology School "Metrology: from physics fundamentals to quality of life" in Varenna (Italy), during the summer of 2016. The Metrology Summer School will have a modular structure, with a 3-day Core Module on the "Fundamentals of Metrology" and a choice of two 3-day Optional Modules: "Metrology for the Quality of Life" and "Physical Metrology and the Fundamental Constants".

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There are opportunities for a limited number of sponsored participants from BIPM Member States or Associates that have emerging metrology systems to take part in the Varenna Metrology School as well as for a short placement (between two and six weeks) at METAS (Switzerland), to pursue a specific metrology project or topic of interest. The grant is aimed at young metrologists with strong scientific ability/potential to be the high flyers of tomorrow. Applications must be submitted by 15 April 2016. Successful candidates will be notified by no later than 30 April 2016.

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