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Dr Gianna Panfilo (BIPM) is appointed as Executive Secretary of the CCAUV

At the end of the 10th meeting of the Consultative Committee for Acoustics, Ultrasound and Vibration (CCAUV), Dr Susanne Picard, who has been Executive Secretary of the committee since 2011, handed over the reins to Dr Gianna Panfilo.

Gianna, a physicist in the BIPM Time Department, is already well experienced with committee work. She is also Secretary of the CCTF Working Groups on Time Scale Algorithms (WG-ALGO) and the CIPM MRA (WGMRA).

Susanne, a physicist in the BIPM Ionizing Radiation Department, continues as Executive Secretary of the CCT and with her new role as Coordinator of the BIPM KCDB.

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