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BIPM receives its first grant for the Capacity Building and Knowledge Transfer Programme

The BIPM Capacity Building and Knowledge Transfer Programme (BIPM CB&KT) aims to help National Metrology Institutes (NMIs) from countries and economies with emerging metrology systems (CEEMS) engage more effectively in the word-wide metrology infrastructure. Participation in the CB&KT will benefit the NMIs of participating CEEMS, their national economy and the wider metrological community with whom they engage.

The BIPM has been awarded a US Government Grant, via NIST, which will provide funding for defined CB&KT activities. The grant is entitled 'BIPM Capacity Building and Knowledge Transfer for NMIs with Emerging Metrology Systems' and the award is for US$ 213 000. The grant will allow the BIPM to run two training courses for metrologists from emerging NMIs in implementation and leadership for the CIPM MRA. The 11-day courses will be held in 2016 and 2017 and will be tailored for two groups:

A common theme for both courses will be "hitting the target" i.e. training in techniques to ensure that CMC development focuses on areas of greatest benefit to stakeholders. The Regional Metrology Organizations are collaborating with the BIPM and will solicit nominations of potential candidates for the training. The NIST grant will cover travel and subsistence for the trainees. The BIPM wishes to express its thanks to NIST for its support.

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