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First ever live broadcast of a workshop from the BIPM

The BIPM transmitted its first ever "webinar" on 15 June. In addition to over 100 attendees from more than 40 countries present at the BIPM Workshop on Measurement Uncertainty, pre-registered external participants were also able to see and hear the presentations, live over the internet.

Watch the webcast here

The workshop was organized to coincide with the review of proposals to revise the twenty-year-old GUM. The Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement (GUM) is an international document that presents recommendations to unify the understanding and evaluation of measurement uncertainty particularly in metrology.

In the first session, the GUM, its proposed revision and the feedback received from six international organizations and 25 NMIs were presented and discussed as well as developments made at the NIST. In the second session, experts with differing views on measurement uncertainty debated the merits of the frequentist and Bayesian approaches and their deficiencies. In the third session, examples of measurement uncertainty evaluations in various fields were presented, from industry and laboratory medicine to the evaluation of the fundamental constants and degrees of equivalence. Difficulties in applying the GUM and its supplements or the proposed GUM revision were highlighted.

The final session presented a wide spectrum of applications where uncertainty needs to be evaluated and different tools are required (e.g. Monte Carlo Markov chain, Bayesian analysis, statistical model, outlier rejection and top-down approach).

The workshop was organized by Walter Bich (INRIM), Maurice G. Cox (NPL), Clemens Elster (PTB), Carine Michotte (BIPM), Martin J.T. Milton (BIPM) and Antonio Possolo (NIST).

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