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Ms Federica Parisi awarded a master's degree for her work on the Kalman filter.

Ms Federica Parisi has been awarded a master's degree with top marks and Merit in Mathematics following a collaboration between the BIPM Time Department and the Department of Mathematics at the University of Turin, Italy.

The aim of her work at the BIPM was to investigate the potential of the Kalman filter in the time and frequency domain. In particular, the application of the Kalman filter on Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) was investigated as a model for the prediction of atomic clock behaviour. Through the Kalman filter procedure it is possible to correct the clocks using their estimated error and to compute a weighted average of their corrected values, with weights chosen according to the current weighting algorithm. This allows the computation of a timescale with a better stability than those derived from single clocks.

Federica carried out her research at the BIPM from 1 November 2014 to 6 March 2015 under the supervision of Dr Gianna Panfilo, the physicist in the BIPM Time Department responsible for the algorithm used in the calculation of UTC. The originality and quality of Federica's work and the promising results were acknowledged in her dissertation. The work justifies further investigation at the BIPM into the application of the Kalman filter in the calculation of UTC.

When receiving her master's degree, Federica acknowledged the close cooperation with the BIPM Time Department staff and with colleagues in various institutes around the world.

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