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News from the CCEM (March 2015)

The Consultative Committee for Electricity and Magnetism (CCEM) held its 29th meeting on 12 and 13 March 2015 at the BIPM. The meeting was chaired by its new President, Dr Gert Rietveld from VSL, who made a presentation to the retiring President, Dr Barry Inglis, to thank him for his work over 12 years as President of the CCEM.

The meeting started with a series of talks about the status of experimental determinations of the Planck constant. An important task to facilitate the redefinition will be the education of the wider electrical metrology community where instrument manufacturers will be informed about the expected change in the volt of about 1 part in 107 when the 1990 values of the quantum electrical constants are superseded.

The CCEM agreed to start a new key comparison of inductance and discussed the details of a future comparison of capacitance, which will be organized by the BIPM. The importance of electrical quantum standards and their comparison was underlined, since these can eliminate the need for some comparisons of conventional standards, such as Zener voltage standards or 100 ohm resistors.

Significant progress on the quantum Hall effect with graphene samples was presented by Félicien Schopfer from LNE. A new type of graphene samples made by CVD on SiC shows a perfect quantization at lower magnetic field and higher temperature than conventional GaAs/AlGaAs samples. It is expected that this development will lead to simpler and lower cost quantum resistance standards, and in consequence to their wider use. Another presentation by Paul Hale from NIST described recent developments in the field of high-speed waveform metrology.

EURAMET and APMP presented ideas for how the efficiency of the CMC review process could be improved in order to ensure that the work required by the CIPM MRA is at a sustainable level. Both views will be provided as input to the NMI Directors' meeting in October 2015 where the future of the CIPM MRA will be discussed.

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