Liaison: CODATA Task Group on Fundamental Physical Constants (CODATA-TGFC)


Links between the BIPM and the CODATA-TGFC

  • The CODATA-TGFC participates in the CCU.
  • The BIPM hosts the CODATA-TGFC portal on the BIPM website, and regularly hosts CODATA-TGFC meetings.
  • Dr Terry Quinn, former Director of the BIPM is a member of the CODATA-TGFC.


The mission of the Committee on Data (CODATA) TGFC is to periodically provide the scientific and technological communities with a self-consistent set of internationally recommended values of the basic constants and conversion factors of physics and chemistry, based on all of the relevant data available at a given point in time.

The BIPM and the CODATA-TGFC cooperate to ensure consistency between the values of the fundamental constants and the SI units that depend on them. The primary output of the TGFC is the multivariate least-squares adjustment (LSA) of the values of the fundamental constants of nature, currently produced on a four-yearly cycle.



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