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Varenna Summer School 2019

The Metrology Summer School is organized by the BIPM with the Italian Physical Society and will be held in Varenna, Italy.

Course outline

The School has a modular structure, with a 3-day Core Module on the "Fundamental Metrology" and a choice of two 3-day Optional Modules: "Physical metrology" and "Quality of life":

Module I: Physical metrology (Optional) 4-6 July
    The realization of the unit of mass, the Avogadro project, measuring electricity, optical clocks with trapped ions and test of the equivalence principle with optical clocks, time scale for metrology and navigation systems, radiometry, photometry.
Module II: Fundamental metrology (Core) 7-9 July
    Measurement uncertainty, mathematical and statistical tools for time varying quantities, global traceability, big data, metrology at the international stage, the SI, temperature measurements beyond ITS-90.
Module III: Quality of life (Optional) 10-12 July
    Applications of metrology in chemistry and biology, radiation dosimetry, global temperature measurement, clinical chemistry, atomic weights of the elements, radioactivity metrology, reference materials in chemistry, metrological application of NMR and qNMR in organic analysis.


Marc-Olivier André (METAS - Switzerland), Walter Bich (INRiM - Italy), Michael De Podesta (NPL - UK), Andy Henson (BIPM),
Steven Judge (BIPM), Andrew Lewis (NPL - UK), Enrico Massa (INRiM - Italy), Juris Meija (NRC - Canada), Martin J.T. Milton (BIPM),
Gael Obein (LNE-Cnam - France), Ekkehard Peik (PTB - Germany), William Phillips (NIST - USA), Karen Phinney (NIST - USA),
Michela Sega (INRiM - Italy), Patrizia Tavella (BIPM), Steven Westwood (BIPM), Diederik S. Wiersma (LENS and INRiM - Italy),
Carl J. Williams (NIST - USA), Riccardo Zecchina (Università Bocconi - Italy)

Seminar speakers:

Paolo Brenni (CNR and Fondazione Scienza e Tecnica - Italy), Massimo Inguscio (CNR - Italy)

CBKT/METAS support:

The BIPM CBKT Programme is supporting a limited number of young metrologists with strong scientific ability/potential expected to be the 'high flyers' of tomorrow. Award winners will combine their attendance at the Metrology School with a short (two- to six-week) placement at METAS, the Swiss NMI, to pursue a specific metrology topic of interest. The application process through the following CBKT webpage.

Support from the IEEE UFFC society:

The IEEE UFFC Society will support up to 10 students performing research in fields related to Frequency Control to attend the Enrico Fermi School of Physics by reimbursing the students' registration fees after the students attend in the school. Additional information can be found here.

For further information please see: