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Symposium to celebrate the ten-year anniversary of the CIPM MRA
Ten-year anniversary of the CIPM MRA
8-9 October 2009
Report of the Symposium

On 8-9 October 2009, the BIPM held a Symposium to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the CIPM MRA. This special event brought together government officials concerned with measurements in trade, representatives from industry, and representatives from intergovernmental organizations and international bodies whose missions benefit from the global uniformity and international acceptance of measurements.

Since its creation in October 1999, the CIPM MRA has made a major contribution to improving the world metrology system and has achieved one of the original objectives, namely to reduce technical barriers to trade. Over the last ten years it has evolved steadily from covering the world measurement system in physics and engineering and now tackles the areas of metrology in chemistry; in the future it will include applications in fields as diverse as sports drug testing, environmental and climate studies and hospital medicine.

Participation at the anniversary event was by invitation only, but the presentations and the report are openly available through the above links.