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International Resource Registry Workshop
14-15 April 2016 at the BIPM
Bob Hanisch NIST, United States
Organizing Committee:
Pedro Espina NIST, United States
Bob Hanisch NIST, United States
Andy Henson BIPM
Group photograph

The challenge:

    The International Resource Registry Workshop was held to address the challenge that the network of NMIs hold valuable collections of reference data and provide state-of-the-art metrology services, yet there is no easy way to find out, across all NMIs, where particular data and data-related services are located. Examples of such data include:
    • Standard Reference Data
    • Reference Data
    • Data associated with publications
    • Data associated with Standard Reference Materials (SRMD)
    • Simulation data

The concept being explored:

    The workshop examined the feasibility of building an international registry of NMI data resources; a simple database that describes where data collections are located, what kind of data they contain, how the data can be accessed, etc. The database Registry would be based at the BIPM and would be searchable. The resource descriptions (metadata) would be provided by NMIs and would be federated using the Open Archive Initiative – Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH).

Next steps:

    A small working group will build a trial version for demonstration to the NMI Directors in late 2016. At this time wider participation from the NMI community will be invited.