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BIPM Workshop: The Quantum Revolution in Metrology
28-29 September 2017 at the BIPM
Steering Committee:
Sang-Kyung Choi KRISS
Patrick Gill NPL
Martin Milton (Chair) BIPM
Maria-Luisa Rastello INRIM
Uwe Siegner PTB
Carl Williams NIST
Workshop Executive Secretary:
Pierre Gournay (BIPM)
Invited speakers
Poster sessions
Summary report

The objective of the workshop is to promote scientific exchange amongst the National Metrology Institutes and with leading researchers on the applications of quantum-based technologies to metrology.

Workshop sessions

The workshop will be organized in five thematic sessions:

  1. Advances in quantum electrical standards, single-electron transistors and demonstrations of the quantum metrology triangle;

  2. Single-photon measurements, radiometry with entangled sources, superconducting particle detectors;

  3. Highly entangled systems for metrology, entangled optical clocks;

  4. Quantum standards for mass, force, pressure, vacuum, temperature, acoustics and vibration;

  5. Emerging ideas in quantum metrology.

Call for papers (Closed)

A series of invited papers will review the contributions that quantum-based technologies have brought to current metrology. There is an open call for papers addressing progress in quantum metrology and future developments particularly in those branches of metrology that have not yet seen applications of quantum-based technologies. In addition to 20 minute oral presentations, there will be opportunities to present posters.

Participants wishing to submit an abstract (of 200 to 300 words) for a presentation or poster should use the template available at:


The deadline for abstracts is 31 March 2017 (closed).

Acceptance will be notified to the participants by 28 April 2017.

Attendance and registration (Closed)

A registration form to apply to participate in the workshop can be found at:

On-line application form

The deadline for registration is 26 May 2017 (closed).

Participation will be confirmed by 31 May 2016.