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BIPM-VAMAS Workshop: Emerging measurement challenges in Materials Metrology
at the BIPM
Conference Chair:
Dai-Im Kang KRISS (Republic of Korea)
Organizing Committee:
Pedro Espina NIST (United States)
Michael Fasolka NIST (United States)
Toshiyuki Fujimoto NMIJ (Japan)
Sam Gnaniah NPL (United Kingdom)
Andy Henson BIPM
Martin J.T. Milton BIPM
Graham Sims NPL (United Kingdom)
Wolfgang E.S. Unger BAM (Germany)

The workshop will consider four themes in materials research, and will consider the new challenges for measurement science that are emerging in each of them. The outcomes of the workshop will include a report that summarizes the scope of the new challenges for measurement science in each of the four themes. It will also identify any requirements for additional coordination between BIPM and VAMAS to ensure that the necessary underpinning measurement traceability and infrastructure is available.

Workshop sessions:

    1. Characterization of properties and effects of nanomaterials and systems

    Session Chair: Dr Toshiyuki Fujimoto (NMIJ)

      "With the rapid spread in the application of nanotechnology to industry, a detailed understanding of the properties of nanomaterials and their interaction with surrounding systems is of paramount importance. The current situation concerning the measurement and characterization of nanomaterials and systems will be overviewed and problems and solutions will be discussed."

    2. Reliability of additively manufactured (AM) products

    Session Chair: Dr Graham Sims (NPL)

      "As the material is manufactured at the same time as the AM product, there is an increased need to provide measurements ensuring quality. These methods encompass input material characterization and control, in-process measurements (thermal monitoring, optical imaging and geometrical monitoring) and post-manufacture assessments (e.g. dimensional measurements, surface and sub-surface monitoring, X-ray CT, ultrasound). The current trends in application of measurements applied to these, often bespoke and small-volume products, are reviewed and rent priorities assessed."

    3. Characterization challenges for "beyond CMOS" technologies

    Session Chair: Dr Wolfgang Unger (BAM)

      "There are a number of promising successors to modern CMOS transistors. Examples include carbon nanotube transistors (CNFET), molecular electronic transistors (MEFTE), spintronic devices (SpinFET) and transistors based on organic materials (OrgFETs). In all these of cases existing design challenges will be overcome by using novel device concepts based on new materials. For example, specific challenges for organic electronics are lifetime and durability. In order to master the design technologies needed to achieve competitive systems without compromising reliability, those material properties for which traceable measurement results are important must be identified and new tools and methodologies for traceable materials testing be developed for engineering and QC in manufacturing."

    4. Reliability and performance of novel materials for protective systems.

    Session Chair: Dr Michael Fasolka (NIST)

      "A large number of occupations, from athletics to emergency responders and soldiers, require protection from impact injury. As more is understood about the range of trauma that can result from impact (especially to the brain) it has become apparent that protective systems, and the materials within them, require attention and redesign. The measurement challenges associated with characterizing the performance of emerging impact-energy absorbing materials, and with predicting their long-term reliability will be examined and potential solutions discussed."

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