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The International System of Units (SI) in Digital Communication
25-26 February 2021 at the BIPM
Prof. Joachim Ullrich (PTB) Chair of CIPM-TG-DSI;
CCU President
BIPM contact:
Andy Henson BIPM
Organizing Committee:
F. Flamenco CENAM
A. Forbes NPL
R.J. Hanisch NIST
A. Henson BIPM
K. Hosaka NMIJ
D. Hutzschenreuter PTB
J. Ullrich PTB
R. White Statistics Canada

Exchange of data and data themselves are the very basis of highly automated industrial processes, of science as well as of emerging applications in artificial intelligence and machine-learning algorithms. Data on results of measurements are expressed in terms of a numerical value and a unit. Under the auspices of the Metre Convention, more than 100 States and Economies have agreed upon the International System of Units, the SI, which was substantially revised in 2018 by a resolution of the General Conference of Weights and Measures, the plenary organ established by the Metre Convention. The revised SI is based on defining constants, among them the fundamental constants of nature.

The International Committee for Weights and Measures, which directs all metrological work the parties to the Metre Convention decide to carry out in common, now takes the lead to transform the SI into the digitized world via its Task Group on the "Digital SI" (D-SI). The Task Group is organizing a workshop to bring together leading experts and groups in digitalization related to metrology in order to exchange ideas about first steps to proceed in this direction aiming at agreeing on basic standards for measurement data exchange.

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