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CCQM Workshop on Advances in Metrology in Chemistry and Biology
Connect to the BIPM's YouTube channel to watch the webcast of the presentations of the CCQM Workshop on Advances in Metrology in Chemistry and Biology on 10 April 2019 starting at 09:10 am (UTC +2):

10 April 2019 at the BIPM
(preceded by Poster Session on evening of 9 April 2019)
Steering Committee:
Metrologia Focus Issue Guest Editor
  Dr R. Brown Metrologia Board Member

Focus Issue Steering Committee Members
  Dr. W. E. May VP CIPM and President CCQM
  Dr L. Mackay CCQM OAWG
  Dr M. Sargent CCQM IAWG
  Dr M. Mariassy CCQM EAWG
  Dr W. Unger CCQM SAWG
  Dr H. Parkes CCQM NAWG
  Dr J. Morrow CCQM CAWG
  Dr S-R. Park CCQM PAWG
Workshop Executive Secretary:
  Dr R. Wielgosz (BIPM)
Poster session
Electronic posters

The workshop is being organized on the occasion of the 25th Meeting of the CCQM with a Metrologia Focus Issue on 'Advances in Metrology in Chemistry and Biology'.

Its goal is to promote scientific exchange amongst National Metrology Institutes, and highlight novel research and advances being made in Metrology in Chemistry and Biology.

Workshop Presentations and Posters

Workshop Presentations will be selected preferentially from papers accepted for publication in the Metrologia Focus Issue on 'Advances in Metrology in Chemistry and Biology', or submitted abstracts of presentations for which authors undertake the commitment to submit a paper to Metrologia before 30 September 2019.

Call for abstracts for presentations and posters open on: 1 May 2018

Deadline for submitting presentation and poster abstracts: 1 October 2018

Open Call for Papers for Metrologia 'Focus on' Issue

Call is now closed.

Scope of Papers: Focus on Advances in Metrology in Chemistry and Biology

  • Papers should progress the state of the art of measurement science in Chemistry or Biology, including advances in reference measurement methods, certified reference materials and reference data, as well as papers that contribute to the solution of difficult measurement problems of national/international importance and/or improve the accuracy of measurements of important chemical or biological measurands.

  • Papers published will include novel research contributions as well as review articles (invited).

  • Papers considered for publication will need to meet Metrologia guidelines:
    Papers published in Metrologia should contain new and original results that substantially advance the science of measurement and/or its applications. The novel aspects should be clearly stated. Papers on novel instruments and/or measurement methods should include results demonstrating their performance, supported by an appropriate uncertainty analysis. Other papers reporting important metrological work must make clear their case for publication in the journal. Articles that simply describe an application of established techniques, that report on measurement capabilities, or that add only incrementally to previously published work, will not, in general, be acceptable.

Submission of papers:

Authors should follow the standard submission process for Metrologia. In addition, in their cover letter, the authors should indicate that they wish the paper considered for the 'Focus on Advances in Metrology in Chemistry and Biology'.

For authors' instructions for Metrologia articles, click here.

The 'Focus on Series':

Each Focus Issue serves to highlight advances made in an exciting area of research with articles authored by the leading researchers in these specific fields. The articles are commissioned together but are published across numerous issues of the journal to enable results to be available to read as soon as possible. These articles are then brought together in online collections.

Attendance and registration

Due to space limitations, the workshop attendance is limited to CCQM plenary meeting attendees, those giving presentations and those presenting posters.