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BIPM Workshop on Global to Urban Scale Carbon Measurements
BIPM Workshop on Global to Urban Scale Carbon Measurements
Date: 30 June-1 July 2015
Venue: BIPM, Sèvres France
Workshop aims
Draft Agenda
Webcast Replay
Draft Report
Steering Committee:
Dr M.J.T. Milton (Chair) BIPM
Dr J. Whetstone NIST (United States)
Ms J. Burston NPL (United Kingdom)
Dr W. Zhang WMO
Dr O. Tarasova WMO
Dr A. Samuel NMIA (Australia)
Dr R. I. Wielgosz BIPM

Managing greenhouse gas emissions and uptake is central to effective mitigation policies. As reduction targets are set nationally, policy performance becomes a central issue. Greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory data will be the principle metric used to gauge policy performance. Following the development of previous large-scale, emission reduction strategies, it is now clear that success requires consistent, independent, scientifically-recognized measurement methodologies and data to support policy decisions (e.g., ozone depletion, acid rain, air quality in large cities and regions). For greenhouse gases, high quality, and coordinated atmospheric observational information is essential to both ensure success and to inform policy-makers implementing GHG reduction policies. Assessing progress towards and the achievement of reduction targets requires scientifically-sound information based on robust GHG measurement systems having accuracy performance consistent with reduction target values. The verification of inventory values using independent methods is central to demonstrating their scientific validity.

The aims of the workshop are to identify requirements for advanced measurements, standards, reference data, and instrument comparisons for carbon measurement and other related climate variables to enable a complete global monitoring system for greenhouse gases to be operational and useful for validated greenhouse gas flux and emission calculations and for the verification of emission inventories. Furthermore, approaches to be undertaken for the development of an international roadmap for standards, reference data, and instrument comparisons for global greenhouse gas measurements and other related climate variables and greenhouse gas emission inventories will be elaborated.

The workshop is organized around three topic areas:

To participate in the workshop please complete the on-line application form. Queries related to the workshop can be sent to carbon2015@bipm.org