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Outcomes of JCRB meetings: JCRB Resolutions, Recommendations and Actions
 Action 35/1March 2016 
GULFMET is encouraged to register their comparisons (except those used for training purposes) in the KCDB and is reminded of the guidance on comparisons given in CIPM MRA-D-05, particularly section 5.1, regarding linkage between CIPM and RMO key comparisons.
 Action 35/2March 2016 
The RMOs to include an update on strategic planning with respect to KCs and SCs undertaken at the RMO TC level in their reports to the JCRB.
 Action 35/3March 2016 
The BIPM to present a draft scope for the update to the KCDB/JCRB IT suite to the next JCRB meeting.
 Action 35/4March 2016 
The BIPM will identify possible metrics that might measure the quality of the intra-regional CMC reviews carried out by each RMO.
 Action 35/5March 2016 
The BIPM to ask RMOs about the availability of materials to support the involvement of NMIs from countries and economies with emerging metrology systems in the work of the CIPM MRA.
 Action 35/6March 2016 
The JCRB charged a subgroup (comprising Alan Steele (convenor), Peter Fisk, Beat Jeckelmann, Pavel Neyezhmakov, Wynand Louw, Mohammed Al Mulla and Andy Henson) to prepare a draft position paper on its response to the MRA review for discussion at the next meeting of the JCRB.
 Action 35/7March 2016 
The JCRB charged a subgroup (comprising Claudia Santo (convenor), Beat Jeckelmann, Toshiyuki Takatsuji and Zakithi Msimang) to prepare a draft position paper on the feasibility of "broader scope" CMCs for discussion at the next meeting of the JCRB.
 Action 35/8March 2016 
The KCDB will retire the use of the pop-up survey on the usage of the KCDB website.
 Action 35/9March 2016 
The RMOs to remind TC and WG chairs of the requirement stated in CIPM MRA-D-04 to submit, at the beginning of the inter-RMO review, the confirmation that the QMS evidence supports the CMC set, and to consider how this will be embedded in the update to the KCDB/JCRB IT suite.
 Action 35/10March 2016 
The BIPM will delete the listings of non-signatory and non-designated participants of comparisons that currently appear in the drop-down menus of the KCDB (recalling that all participants will continue to be listed in the comparison reports).
 Action 35/11March 2016 
The JCRB approved the revision to CIPM MRA-D-05, "Measurement comparisons in the CIPM MRA" and the BIPM will inform the CIPM of the revision.
 Recommendation 35/1March 2016 
The JCRB recommends to the CIPM to revise Point of Clarification 6 to CIPM 2005-06(REV); the revision to include the text of JCRB Resolution 34/1 regarding measurement comparison reports.
 Resolution 35/1March 2016 
The 36th meeting of the JCRB will take place on September 14 and 15, 2016 at KEBS, Nairobi, Kenya.
 Resolution 35/2March 2016 
The 37th meeting of the JCRB will take place during the week beginning March 13, 2017 at the BIPM, on days to be decided.

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