– the intergovernmental organization through which Member States act together
     on matters related to measurement science and measurement standards.
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International Committee for Weights and Measures (CIPM)

CIPM bureau members:

Date of provisional election
by the CIPM
Most recent (re)election
by the CGPM
President Dr B. Inglis (Australia)7 Aug. 2000 2014
Secretary Dr J. McLaren (Canada) 6 March 2006 2014
Vice-President Dr W.E. May (United States of America) 9 June 2008 2014
Vice-President Prof. J. Ullrich (Germany)15 May 2013 2018

Other CIPM members:

Dr F. Bulygin (Russian Federation) (CGPM, 2014) 2018
Dr M. Buzoianu (Romania) 2014
Dr I. Castelazo (Mexico) (CGPM, 2014) 2018
Dr Y. Duan (People's Republic of China)8 March 2010 2018
Mr L. Érard (France)13 Sept. 2004 2014
Dr D.-I. Kang (Republic of Korea)12 Dec. 2013 2014
Dr H. Laiz (Argentina)7 Dec. 2016 2018
Dr T. Liew (Singapore) (CGPM, 2014) 2018
Dr W. Louw (South Africa) 15 May 2013 2018
Dr M.L. Rastello (Italy)7 Dec. 2016 2018
Dr P. Richard (Switzerland) (CGPM, 2014) 2018
Dr G. Rietveld (Netherlands) (CGPM, 2014) 2018
Dr M. Sené (United Kingdom)7 Dec. 2016 2018
Dr T. Usuda (Japan) 1 July 2012 2018

ex officio Dr M.J.T. Milton (United Kingdom), Director of the BIPM

Members elected by the CGPM in 2018, due to take office in March 2019:

Dr D. del Campo Maldonado (Spain) 2018
Dr N. Dimarcq (France) 2018
Dr P. Neyezhmakov (Ukraine) 2018
Dr J. Olthoff (United States of America) 2018
Dr S.-R. Park (Republic of Korea) 2018
Dr A. Steele (Canada) 2018

The CGPM approved new criteria and a new process for election of CIPM members at its meeting in November 2014 (see Resolution 2). The latest version has been the subject of some small changes decided by the CIPM:

Criteria and Process for Election of CIPM Members

The CIPM approved guidelines for election of the CIPM bureau at its 107th meeting in June 2018.

Guidelines for Election of the CIPM Bureau

The above process for election of CIPM members refers to a Committee for CIPM Election (the CEC).

In 2018, the CGPM elected the following seven individuals to the CEC:

  • Robert Gunn (National Physical Laboratory, UK); CEC Chairperson
  • Arne Hoell (Ministry of Economy, Germany)
  • Corinne Lagauterie (Ministry of Economy, France)
  • Yukinobu Miki (Director, NMIJ/AIST, Japan)
  • Ndwakhulu Mukhufhi (CEO, NMISA, South Africa)
  • Claire Saundry (NIST, USA)
  • Xie Jun (State Administration for Market Regulation, China)

In addition, the CIPM President and the CIPM Secretary are ex officio members.

CEC working procedure CEC members' area

Honorary members of the CIPM:

CIPM membership
W.R. Blevin, former Director of Applied Physics CSIRO (Australia)
L.M. Branscomb, former Director of the National Bureau of Standards (United States)
E.O. Göbel, former President of the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (Germany)
K. Iizuka, former President of the Agency of Industrial Science and Technology (Japan)
R. Kaarls, former Director of the NMi Van Swinden Laboratorium (Netherlands)
J. Kovalevsky, former President of the Bureau National de Métrologie (France)
J. Skákala, former Deputy Director of the Slovak Technical University (Slovakia)
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