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Outcomes of recent CIPM meetings
 Decision CIPM/107-1June 2018
The CIPM accepted the minutes of the 106th meeting of the CIPM as a true record.
 Decision CIPM/107-2June 2018
The CIPM noted the decision taken by correspondence on 15 June 2018 amending clause 18.6 of the BIPM Regulations, Rules and Instructions (RRI) to increase the period within which the advisory opinion of the Appeals Committee is delivered from 45 to 60 days if exceptional or unforeseen circumstances warrant so.
 Decision CIPM/107-3June 2018
The CIPM confirmed its approval of the audited financial statements of the BIPM and of the BIPM Pension and Provident Fund which were reviewed by the CIPM Sub Committee on Finance in June 2018. The CIPM granted the BIPM Director quietus for the 2017 exercise.
 Decision CIPM/107-4June 2018
The CIPM approved the budget proposed by the Director for 2019.
 Decision CIPM/107-5June 2018
The CIPM noted that the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has not paid its contributions for six years. Pursuant to Resolution 8 adopted by the CGPM at its 23rd meeting (2007) it has been sent a formal notification inviting it to fulfil its financial obligations and reminding it of the procedure governing the recovery of arrears and exclusion. The CIPM decided to recommend to the CGPM at its 26th meeting to take a decision with regard to the exclusion of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in accordance with Article 6 of the Regulations annexed to the Metre Convention.
 Decision CIPM/107-6June 2018
The CIPM expressed its appreciation and support for the work of the Chair of the Pension Fund Advisory Board (PFAB), the BIPM Director and Legal Advisor in respect of the implementation of its decisions, in particular concerning the long-term financial stability of the BIPM Pension Fund.

The CIPM recalled the decision in 2008 of the Governing Body of the International Labour Organization (ILO) that observed that the BIPM, as an intergovernmental organization established by treaty, recognized the jurisdiction of the ILO Administrative Tribunal (ILOAT). The CIPM recognized the legal status of the BIPM as an intergovernmental organization and instructed the BIPM Director to continue to ensure as much as possible the legal certainty necessary for the implementation of its decisions.

The CIPM recalled decision CIPM/104-48 and confirmed that informal discussions about the terminology used to refer to the BIPM serve to diminish the reputation of the organization and have the potential to damage confidence in its legal certainty. It confirmed that such discussions are closed.
 Decision CIPM/107-7June 2018
The CIPM noted the steps taken to implement its decisions regarding the future of the BIPM Pension Fund and re-iterated its commitment to achieve its long-term financial stability.
 Decision CIPM/107-8June 2018
The CIPM requested the BIPM Director to commission an independent report presenting a range of options for the BIPM staff and operations, in the case that the planned measures to achieve long-term financial stability cannot be implemented in an effective and timely manner.
 Decision CIPM/107-9June 2018
The CIPM decided to review the purpose and agenda of the meeting of the CC Presidents at the next meeting of the CIPM.
 Decision CIPM/107-10June 2018
The CIPM approved the proposal of the CCQM to establish a CCQM Working Group on Isotope Ratio Measurement.
 Decision CIPM/107-11June 2018
The CIPM asked the BIPM Director and Legal Advisor to explore options to formalize the BIPM liaison with the CODATA Task Group on Fundamental Constants.
 Decision CIPM/107-12June 2018
It was brought to the attention of the CIPM that there is a discrepancy relating to the definition of the term "unit" between the draft 9th edition of the SI Brochure and the 8th edition. The CIPM asked the CCU President to organize a vote by correspondence among the CCU members, with a deadline of the end of August 2018, as to whether to retain the wording of the draft 9th edition or to revert to the wording of the 8th edition, and to report back to the CIPM President for further action (if necessary).
 Decision CIPM/107-13June 2018
The CIPM agreed with the proposal from the CCU President to establish a Task Group to review further the issue concerning the definition of the term "unit" in the SI Brochure.
 Decision CIPM/107-14June 2018
The CIPM confirmed the working practice of inviting the Chairs of relevant Regional Technical Committees to the plenary sessions of the relevant Consultative Committees. The CIPM decided that when any Chair is not from a Member or Observer organization of the relevant Consultative Committee then he/she will be formally invited to participate as a guest of the President of the Consultative Committee.
 Decision CIPM/107-15June 2018
The CIPM decided to adopt the following definition of consensus (which originates from the ISO/IEC Directives) for use in the Consultative Committees, Sub-committees and ad hoc Working Groups:

Consensus - "General agreement, characterized by the absence of sustained opposition to substantial issues by any important part of the concerned interests and by a process that involves seeking to take into account the views of all parties concerned and to reconcile any conflicting arguments. Consensus need not imply unanimity."

Document CIPM-D-01 will be updated accordingly.
 Decision CIPM/107-16June 2018
The CIPM agreed the revised version of CIPM-D-01.
 Decision CIPM/107-17June 2018
The CIPM accepted the proposal that GUM (Poland) and NIS (Egypt) should become observers at the CCL.
 Decision CIPM/107-18June 2018
The CIPM endorsed the draft Work Programme (2020-2023) presented by the BIPM Director and Department Directors, and asked them to reconcile the scope of the activities with the long-term financial plans for the BIPM and the expected level of the dotation.
 Decision CIPM/107-19June 2018
The CIPM approved the attendance policy for the 26th meeting of the CGPM.
 Decision CIPM/107-20June 2018
The CIPM agreed on a "recommended list" of candidates for election to the CIPM and asked the CIPM Secretary to send it to the Chair of the Committee for CIPM Election.
 Decision CIPM/107-21June 2018
The CIPM approved the Guidelines for Election of the CIPM bureau.
 Decision CIPM/107-22June 2018
The CIPM decided that the CIPM ad hoc Working Group on Implementing the Recommendations from the Review of the CIPM MRA had completed its tasks and therefore is closed. It thanked all who had participated for their contributions to the success of its work.
 Decision CIPM/107-23June 2018
The CIPM decided to establish an ad hoc working group to consider the role of metrology in improving the reproducibility of research data and related topics, and appointed Dr Liew as the Chair. Drs Bulygin, Castelazo, Laiz, Rastello, Sené and Milton agreed to be members. Dr Liew will circulate a draft name and terms of reference for the group to the CIPM by the end of August 2018.
 Decision CIPM/107-24June 2018
The CIPM thanked the Chair of the Sub-Committee for Awards for his report and asked him to take account of the comments made by the CIPM and refine the proposals of the Sub Committee for the next meeting of the CIPM.
 Decision CIPM/107-25June 2018
The CIPM noted the letter from the Chair of the JCGM Working Group on the VIM (WG2) on the proposed broader definition of the term "measurement" to include ordinal and nominal properties. It expressed thanks for being given early information about an important topic under discussion by WG2. The CIPM concluded that there is merit in the proposed definition and asked WG2 to keep it informed of future developments with the definition.

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