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     on matters related to measurement science and measurement standards.
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Joint Working Groups

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The CIPM has established Joint Working Groups with the other international bodies responsible for metrology, accreditation and standardization world-wide. These Working Groups meet annually to address top-level issues of common interest. The meetings are attended by the most senior staff of the organizations.

The Groups have issued the following statements:

    CIPM and ILAC: Joint ILAC-CIPM communication regarding the accreditation of calibration and measurement services of national metrology institutes (7 March 2012)

    BIPM, OIML, ILAC and ISO: Joint declaration on metrological traceability (9 November 2011)

    BIPM, OIML and ILAC: Common statement and declaration on the relevance of various international agreements on metrology to trade, legislation and standardization (23 January 2006)

    CIPM and ILAC: Joint statement on improving world-wide traceability and acceptance of measurements carried out within the CIPM MRA and the ILAC arrangement – The roles and responsibilities of national metrology institutes and national recognized accreditation bodies (9 November 2005)

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