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ad hoc Working Group on Governance

At its 24th meeting (2011), the CGPM invited the CIPM to establish an ad hoc Working Group charged with conducting a Review of the role, mission, objectives, long-term financial stability, strategic direction and governance of the BIPM.

The ad hoc Working Group met at the BIPM on 14-16 March 2012.

Summary of its key findings and recommendations
5 April 2012
Appendix 2 of the CIPM report (2012)

At its meeting in June 2012 (Session I of its 101st meeting) the CIPM discussed the recommendations in detail and broadly endorsed them (see section 7 (p.98) of the report). They initiated a series of actions, including the creation of three standing sub-committees of the CIPM and two ad hoc Working Groups in order to address the findings of the Recommendations and to offer advice on their implementation.

The recommendations of the ad hoc Working Group were also the main topic of discussion at the joint meeting of representatives of Member States and NMI Directors held at the BIPM in October 2012, and Member States and NMI Directors were updated on progress in implementing the CIPM actions at the October 2013 joint meeting.

Many of the changes are reported in the documentation made available on line as part of the preparation for the 25th CGPM (November 2014) and the CIPM President's Report to the CGPM will specifically address progress.

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