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CCEM Working Group on Proposed Modifications to the SI (CCEM-WGSI)
Having completed its mission, this group was closed by the CCEM in March 2019.

Terms of Reference:

The Consultative Committee on Electricity and Magnetism formed the Working Group on the SI (CCEM-WGSI) in 2005. Since that time the working group has drafted the CCEM's Recommendation EM1 (2007) and its mise en pratique (2009), both in support of the proposed redefinition of the SI. With redefinition approaching the CCEM has decided to reconstitute the WGSI focusing on the effective implementation of the revised SI and preparing for other possible changes impacting electrical metrology.

The revised Terms of Reference of the CCEM-WGSI are:

  • To liaise with the CIPM's Task Group for the Promotion of the New SI concerning the promotion and coordination of the implementation of the proposed changes to the SI,

  • To liaise with the CCU, other CCs and related committees concerning the implementation of the revised SI and other changes that may occur in the future,

  • To prepare guidelines for the NMIs and affected clients concerning the discontinuous change in the electrical units occurring at the time of redefinition,

  • To consider and possibly revise the mise en pratique as needed,

  • To continue to monitor changes in other units that may impact the electrical measurement system.

Draft mise en pratique for the ampere and other electric units in the (future) International System of Units (SI)

CCEM Guidelines for Implementation of the Revised SI


  • Dr Barry Wood  (NRC)


  • Dr Ilya Budovsky (NMIA)
  • Mr Nick Fletcher (NPL)
  • Dr Stephen Giblin (NPL)
  • Dr Beat Jeckelmann (METAS)
  • Dr James K. Olthoff (NIST)
  • Dr François Piquemal (LNE)
  • Dr Ian A. Robinson (NPL)
  • Dr Uwe Siegner (PTB)
  • Dr Michael Stock (BIPM) - CCEM Executive Secretary
  • Dr Gerrit Rietveld (VSL) - CCEM President

  CCEM: Upcoming meetings
14–15 April 2021: 32nd meeting of the CCEM (online)

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