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     on matters related to measurement science and measurement standards.
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CCTF Working Group on the CIPM MRA (CCTF-WGMRA)

Terms of reference

Are functions of the CCTF WG on the MRA:

  • Authorization on a provisional basis for any action needed between meetings of the CCTF as indicated by the CIPM MRA, in consultation with the CCTF President;
  • Perform coordination activities relating to the CIPM MRA between RMOs;
  • Act as point of contact for the BIPM and JCRB on CIPM MRA matters;
  • Report actions to the next CCTF meeting, the CCTF revising the decisions as required;
  • Identify areas where additional key comparisons and supplementary comparisons are needed, and develop the necessary guidelines and procedures;
  • Provide guidance on the range of CMCs supported by particular key and supplementary comparisons;
  • Establish and maintain a list of service categories, and where necessary rules for the preparation of CMC entries;
  • Agree on detailed technical review criteria;
  • Coordinate the review of existing CMCs in the context of new results of key and supplementary comparisons.
  • September 2012


  • Mr Chris Matthee  (NMISA)


  • Dr Gianna Panfilo  (BIPM)


  • a. Chairpersons of the RMO technical committees for time and frequency;
  • b. Experts from time laboratories : Dr Joseph Achkar (LNE-SYRTE), Dr Marina Gertsvolf (NRC), Dr Erik Dierkix (VSL); Dr Huang-Tien Lin (TL)
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