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CCTF Working Group on GNSS Time Transfer (CCTF-WGGNSS)

Terms of reference

The objectives of the CCTF WGGNSS are:

  • to report to the CCTF on the state of the art in GNSS time and frequency transfer and to provide recommendations concerning receiving systems, calibration and data processing;
  • in collaboration with the BIPM, to gather and share the information and the experience on available equipment, characterization of the hardware delays, data processing and scientific results;
  • to maintain contacts with the receiver manufacturers in order to inform them about our needs;
  • to stimulate the collection and analysis of code and carrier phase data from all GNSS constellations;
  • to stimulate the development of calibration procedures in agreement with new GNSS receiving systems;
  • to establish contacts with the parallel scientific communities working on the definition of the receiver output standards;
  • to study the clock results formats in agreement with the user needs.
September 2012


  • Dr Pascale Defraigne  (ORB)


  • Dr Gérard Petit  (BIPM)


  • Dr Andreas Bauch (PTB)
  • Mr Giancarlo Cerretto (INRIM)
  • Dr Michael Coleman (U.S. NRL)
  • Mr Jérôme Delporte (CNES)
  • Dr Héctor Esteban (ROA)
  • Dr Johann Furthner (DLR)
  • Dr Marina Gertsvolf (NRC)
  • Dr James Hanssen (USNO)
  • Dr Ryuichi Ichikawa (NICT)
  • Dr Artem Karaush (VNIIFTRI)
  • Dr Paul Koppang (USNO)
  • Dr Alexander Kuna (UFE)
  • Dr Judah Levine (NIST)
  • Dr Kun Liang (NIM)
  • Dr Shinn-Yan Lin (TL)
  • Mr Andrey Naumov (VNIIFTRI)
  • Dr Jerzy Nawrocki (AOS)
  • Dr Bijunath Patla (NIST)
  • Dr Daniele Rovera (LNE-SYRTE)
  • Dr Pierre Uhrich (LNE-SYRTE)
  • Dr Pierre Waller (ESA)
  • Dr Michael Wouters (NMIA)
  • Dr Wenjun Wu (NTSC)
  • Representatives of Group 1 laboratories
  • Experts from laboratories contributing to UTC
  • The International GNSS Service (one representative)
  • Representatives of other WG of the CCTF, as needed
  • Members of the BIPM Time Department, as needed (one acting as WG Secretary)

Interested persons are encouraged to follow the activities as observers, receiving WG meeting reports and other information. Please contact the WG Chair or Secretary.

  CCTF: Upcoming meetings
11–12 March 2021: Second session of the 22nd meeting of the CCTF (online)
18–19 March 2021: Second session of the 22nd meeting of the CCTF (online)
27 June to 1 July 2022: 23rd meeting of the CCTF and related meetings

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