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CCL-CCTF Frequency Standards Working Group (WGFS)

Terms of reference

The objectives of the CCL-CCTF WGFS are:

  • To make recommendations to the CCL for radiations to be used for the realization of the definition of the metre and to make recommendations to the CCTF for radiations to be used as secondary representations of the second;
  • To maintain, together with the BIPM, the list of recommended frequency standard values and wavelength values for applications including the practical realization of the definition of the metre and secondary representations of the second;
  • To take responsibility for key comparisons of standard frequencies such as CCL-K11;
  • To respond to future needs of both the CCL and CCTF concerning standard frequencies relevant to the respective communities.

May 2015

Joint Chairs:

  • Prof. Patrick Gill (NPL)
  • Prof. Fritz Riehle (PTB) [until end 2017]
  • Dr Sébastien Bize (LNE-SYRTE) [Co-Chair Elect]



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