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CCL Sub-Group on Key Comparisons (sWG-KC)

Task description:

  • to coordinate, supervise and support the administrative process of the pilot laboratories in conducting key comparisons;

  • to examine all relevant documents for each key comparison, starting with the protocol and ending with the Draft B report;

  • to advise the pilot laboratory in preparing the text of the entry to Appendix B of the CIPM MRA as required, including the calculation of degrees of equivalence and linking, and to prepare a recommendation on these subjects for approval by the CCL;

  • to prepare guidance documents on identifying significant deviations for use by the pilot laboratories; and

  • to advise the pilot laboratory in preparing a comparison status document, and to prepare a recommendation for this summary for the CCL.


  • Dr Andrew Lewis  (NPL)


  • DG moderators
  • RMO TCL chair persons
  • KC pilots

  CCL: Upcoming meetings
11–15 June 2018: 17th meeting of the CCL and related meetings

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