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CCQM Working Group on Organic Analysis (CCQM-OAWG)

Chair:  Dr Lindsey Mackay (NMIA)


  1. To carry out Key Comparisons, and where necessary pilot studies, to critically evaluate and benchmark NMI/DI claimed capabilities and competences for the execution of "higher order" measurement procedures for well-defined organic molecular entities* for which the SI traceable amount of substance is to be determined.

  2. To consider, on a selective basis, similar activities for high-priority method-dependent analyses/measures.

*. "Organic molecular entities" are taken to exclude gaseous compounds, organometallic compounds, and large bio-molecules.


  • Dr Lindsey Mackay  (NMIA)


  • Dr Katrice Lippa  (NIST)


  • Dr Seonghee Ahn (KRISS)
  • Mr Abdulrahman Rashed Alaskar (SASO-NMCC)
  • Dr Majed AL-Harthi (SASO-NMCC)
  • Dr Mariana Arce Osuna (CENAM)
  • Mr Yosi Aristiawan (BSN)
  • Dr Cristian-Gabriel Arsene (PTB)
  • Mrs Annarita Baldan (VSL)
  • Dr Juliana Barrios Guio (INM Colombia)
  • Mrs Mine Bilsel (UME)
  • Dr Cheerapa Boonyakong (NIMT)
  • Mrs Wing Yee Chan (GLHK)
  • Ms Meg Croft (NMIA)
  • Dr Stephen R. Davies (NMIA)
  • Dr Francesca Durbiano (INRIM)
  • Dr Maria Fernandes-Whaley (NMISA)
  • Ms Elizabeth Ferreira (LATU)
  • Dr Wai Hong Fung (GLHK)
  • Dr Bruno Garrido (INMETRO)
  • Mrs Patricia Alejandra Gatti (INTI)
  • Dr Panagiota Giannikopoulou (EXHM/GSCL-EIM)
  • Dr Petra Gowik (BVL)
  • Dr Simay Gündüz (UME)
  • Dr Nobuyasu Hanari (NMIJ/AIST)
  • Dr André Henrion (PTB)
  • Mr Christopher Hopley (LGC)
  • Dr Elias Kakoulides (EXHM/GCSL-EIM)
  • Dr Byung Joo Kim (KRISS)
  • Ms Hanen Klich (INRAP)
  • Dr Robert Köppen (BAM)
  • Dr Anatoli Krylov (VNIIM)
  • Dr Béatrice Lalere (LNE)
  • Dr Katrice Lippa (NIST)
  • Dr Qinde Liu (HSA)
  • Dr Silvia Mallia (METAS)
  • Dr Pearse McCarron (NRC)
  • Dr Jeremy Melanson (NRC)
  • Dr Alena Mikheeva (VNIIM)
  • Ms Laura Vanessa Morales Erazo (INM Colombia)
  • Dr Masahiko Numata (NMIJ/AIST)
  • Dr Alejandro Pérez-Castorena (CENAM)
  • Dr Rosemarie Philipp (BAM)
  • Dr Eliane Cristina Pires do Rego (INMETRO)
  • Dr Joachim Polzer (BVL)
  • Dr Mabel Puelles (INTI)
  • Dr Can Quan (NIM)
  • Ms Ana Inés Silva (LATU)
  • Ms Dyah Styarini (RCM-LIPI)
  • Dr Tang Lin Teo (HSA)
  • Mr Iván Trivińo Angulo (ISP)
  • Mr John Warren (LGC)
  • Dr Charun Yafa (NIMT)
  • Dr Osman Zakaria (NMIM)

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