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CCQM Working Group on Key Comparisons and CMC Quality (CCQM-KCWG)

Chair:  Dr Della Wai Mei Sin (GLHK)


    Within the CCQM, the KCWG is responsible for:
    • overseeing the review of CMCs,
    • defining specific technical review criteria,
    • coordinating the inter-regional review process,
    • providing guidance on the range of CMCs supported by specific comparisons,
    • identifying where comparisons are needed, and
    • coordinating the review of existing CMCs in the context of new information.


  • Dr Della Wai Mei Sin  (GLHK)


  • Dr Angelique Botha  (NMISA)


  • Dr Euijin Hwang (KRISS)
  • Dr Byung Joo Kim (KRISS)
  • Prof. Dr Leonid Konopelko (VNIIM)
  • Dr Della Wai Mei Sin (GLHK)
  • Dr Jochen Vogl (BAM)

  CCQM: Upcoming meetings
23–30 April 2021: 26th meeting of the CCQM and related meetings
22–29 April 2022: 27th meeting of the CCQM and related meetings

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