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Key Comparisons Working Group (CCRI(II)-KCWG(II))

Chairman: Dr John Keightley (NPL)

BIPM contact: Dr Steven Judge (BIPM)


    The purpose of the KCWG(II) is to support and aid the CCRI(II) and BIPM in meeting obligations arising from the CIPM Mutual Recognition Arrangement, and to identify areas of radionuclide metrology that require further attention in the pursuit of improved standards, key comparison reference values and degrees of equivalence.

    The KCWG(II) provides support to the CCRI(II), the BIPM, and the RMOs in proposing and evaluating comparisons (including uncertainties) in radionuclide metrology, including those involving the SIR, guidance in types of comparisons that may support laboratories' claims on measurement capabilities, and providing advice to both the BIPM and the CCRI(II) on reports and results arising from the SIR and various other key and supplementary comparisons.

  CCRI(II): Upcoming meetings
3–4 December 2018: Meeting of the KCWG(II)

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