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JCTLM Working Group on Traceability: Education and Promotion (JCTLM-TEPWG)

JCTLM Working Group on Traceability is charged to produce and promote educational materials to demonstrate the value of traceability in laboratory medicine as a means to reduce between method variability in the interests of improved clinical outcomes and patient safety.

Terms of Reference


  • Prof. Elvar Theodorsson  (EURACHEM Sweden)


  • Dr Stéphanie Maniguet  (BIPM)


  • Dr Tony Badrick  [RCPAQAP, Australia]
  • Prof. Baorong Chen  [Kingmed Diagnostics Group Co.Ltd., China]
  • Dr Vincent Delatour  [LNE, France]
  • Dr David Ducroq  [WEQAS, UK]
  • Dr Graham Jones  [ILAC]
  • Dr Anja Kessler  [RfB, Germany]
  • Ms Penny Moyahabo Manganyi  [NMISA, South Africa]
  • Dr Gary L. Myers  [IFCC]
  • Dr Aída Porras  [Quik SAS, Colombia]
  • Dr Jeanita Pritchett  [NIST, USA]
  • Dr Silvia Quiroga de Lasala  [ProgBA, Argentina]
  • Prof. Marta Torres  [ProgBA, Argentina]
  • Dr Albert Tsui  [Alberta Public Laboratories, Canada]
  • Dr Maksim Vonsky  [VNIIM, Russia]
  • Dr Robert I. Wielgosz  [BIPM]
  • Dr Paul Yip  [Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Canada]

JCTLM Auspices:

JCTLM is interested in granting its Auspices for meetings, conferences and congresses which comply with the guidelines below, in order to assist conference organizing committees to promote their meeting and attract a large professional participation. Please use the procedures and request form available on this webpage to apply for JCTLM Auspices.

Publications and communications on metrological traceability in laboratory medicine:

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  5. Harmonization of clinical laboratory test results: The role of the IVD industry, Armbruster D., Donnelly J., eJIFCC 2016; 27:37-47

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