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Nucleic Acids Review Team

Scope of Activity

The JCTLM Nucleic Acids Review Team reviews nominations of certified reference materials and reference methods/procedures that are intended for use in measurement of oligo and polynucleotides employed for identification and/or quantification of nucleic acid derived substances in biological materials, or where the intended use depends on a nucleic acid based method. For specific information regarding review of nucleic acid sequence based RMs please see:

Environment scan on standardization activity:

Terms of Reference:


  • Dr Alison Devonshire  (LGC)


  • Dr Neil Almond  [National Institute for Biological Standards and Control, NIBSC]
  • Dr Young-Kyung Bae  [Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science, KRISS]
  • Dr Wayne Dimech  [NRL Quality]
  • Dr Joan Gordon  [Maine Molecular Quality Controls, Inc]
  • Ms Roberta M. Madej  [Cepheid]
  • Dr Paul Wallace  [Quality Control in Molecular Diagnostics, QCMD]

See also:

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Vice-Chair: Dr Qinde Liu (HSA)

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Vice-Chair: Prof. Mauro Panteghini (CIRME)

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Vice-Chair: Dr Karen W. Phinney (NIST)

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