– the intergovernmental organization through which Member States act together
     on matters related to measurement science and measurement standards.
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JCTLM Executive Committee

The JCTLM Executive Committee oversees the operations of the JCTLM, and is the impartial final decision making organ, only accountable to the Executive Committee Member Organizations.

The Executive Committee comprises representatives of the JCTLM Executive Committee Member Organizations, which are currently the three JCTLM founding organizations: BIPM, IFCC and ILAC. Representatives from additional organizations can be invited to join the Executive Committee provided they fulfil the conditions set out in Appendix IV of the Declaration of Cooperation.

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  • Dr Gary L. Myers  (IFCC)

Executive Secretary:


  • Dr Graham Beastall  [IFCC]
  • Dr Graham Jones  [ILAC]
  • Dr Anja Kessler  [IFCC]
  • Dr Willie E. May  [CIPM]
  • Dr James W. McLaren  [CIPM]
  • Dr Martin J.T. Milton  [BIPM]
  • Ms Regina Robertson  [ILAC]

JCTLM Executive Committee meetings are also attended by:

  JCTLM: Upcoming meetings
4–5 December 2017: JCTLM Workshop 2017: Accurate results for patient care (a JCTLM Members and Stakeholders Meeting)
6 December 2017: JCTLM-TEPWG Meeting
7–8 December 2017: JCTLM Executive Committee Meeting

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