– the intergovernmental organization through which Member States act together
     on matters related to measurement science and measurement standards.
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International Metrology Resource Registry


    Following a successful Resource Registry Workshop at the BIPM in April 2016, an ad hoc working group was established to build a trial version of the International Metrology Resource Registry for demonstration to the NMI Directors in late 2016.

The service was officially launched in January 2018.


  • Dr Robert Hanisch


  • Mr Andy Henson (International Liaison and Communication Department, Director)  (BIPM)


  • Ms Mary Brady  [NIST]
  • Dr Kyunshik Chae  [KRISS]
  • Mr Jason Cheney  [NRC-CNRC]
  • Dr Pedro Espina  [NIST]
  • Dr Toshiyuki Fujimoto  [NMIJ/AIST]
  • Ms Wei Gao  [NIM]
  • Dr Sergei Golubev  [VNIIMS]
  • Dr Chang Kim  [KRISS]
  • Prof. Dr Alexander Kozlov  [VNIIMS]
  • Prof. Dr Alexander Yurievitch Kuzin  [VNIIMS]
  • Dr Sang Lee  [KRISS]
  • Dr Jinyuan Li  [NIM]
  • Dr Xiaohua Lu  [NIM]
  • Dr Georgette Macdonald  [NRC-CNRC]
  • Dr Joachim Meier  [PTB]
  • Dr Martin J.T. Milton  [BIPM]
  • Dr Douglas A. Olson  [BIPM]
  • Dr Seung Nam Park  [KRISS]
  • Dr Raymond Plante  [NIST]
  • Dr Takeshi Saito  [NMIJ/AIST]
  • Dr Graham Sims  [NPL]
  • Dr Jörn Stenger  [PTB]
  • Mr Jan Straßburg  [PTB]
  • Dr Robert I. Wielgosz  [BIPM]
  • Mr Sharief Youssef  [NIST]