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Extension of the SIR to beta emitters using liquid scintillation (CCRI(II)-ESWG(II))


The objective of the ESWG(II) is to develop and implement a self-consistent scheme for the inclusion of alpha and beta emitters within the Système International de Référence (SIR), currently restricted to gamma emitters, providing:

  • Support and guidance to the BIPM in defining the most adequate technical procedures for ongoing comparison of beta and alpha emitters;
  • Advice on the best experimental setup for implementing the extension of the SIR at the BIPM;
  • Documentation of the specific metrological principles as well as the practical aspects of the operation of the extended SIR at the BIPM.


  • Mr José María Los Arcos  (CIEMAT)

BIPM contact:

  • Dr Steven Judge (Director of Ionizing Radiation Department)  (BIPM)


  • Dr Timotheos Altzitzoglou (JRC-Geel)
  • Dr Ryszard Broda (POLATOM)
  • Dr Marco Capogni (ENEA-INMRI)
  • Dr Philippe Cassette (LNE-LNHB)
  • Dr John Keightley (NPL)
  • Dr Karsten Kossert (PTB)
  • Dr Brian Zimmerman (NIST)
  • Ex officio:
      Dr Lisa Karam (NIST)
      Dr Wynand Louw (NMISA)

  CCRI(II): Upcoming meetings
3–4 December 2018: Meeting of the KCWG(II)

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